Toy photography with Lego characters

Have you ever imagined Stormtroopers during their free time? Do you want to follow Frodo and Gandalf on their way to Mordor? What will be the next destination for the little explorer? I am La Vale and I always travel with Lego minifigs in my pockets.

What I offer:

I can shoot photos based on a definied theme and organize small photography exhibitions.

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List of exhibitions:

Collective traveling exhibition, Fotografia Costruttiva (2019-2020)

PisaBrickArt 2019, Pisa, Italy. Small solo exhibition

Lucca Comics & Games 2019, Lucca (Italy), Small solo exhibition.

Collective art exhibition, Pisa (Italy), Orto e Museo Botanico, 2019.

"The world in a glass", Pisa (Italy), 2019. Collective art exhibition

GubbioBrickArt, Solo exhibition, Gubbio (Italy), 2018.

80evento, Solo exhibition, Pisa (Italy), 2018.

PisaBrickArt, Pisa, Italy. Small solo exhibition, 2017

Who is La Vale

La Vale Photo

La Vale

34, from Tuscany (Italy). My main interests and hobbies are photography, Lego, music, nature and cats. I own a Canon 700D and a MOTO X4
I took part in some photography competitions held in Italy:
- one of my photos is included in Pisa Botanic Garden 2020 calendar
- I am one of the winners of "The world in a glass" photo competition (2019)
- one of my photos is part of the collective travelling exhibition "Fotografia Costruttiva" (2020)
I am part of Orange Team LUG

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